Tiny Space Academy

Tiny Space Academy is a casual 2D space sim where the player can grow their own space agency and explore a miniaturized solar system with rockets they design. The player gets to learn about basic orbital mechanics, planets, moons, and even asteroids. Once a player lands on a planet, they can explore the surface with their astronaut or rover and make discoveries. With campaign and sandbox modes, the player will find unique challenges in every corner of the solar system.

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Patch Notes

Hey Space Nerds,

Here is the first major update that you all have been waiting for, planetary orbits! This was challenging feature to add, but it was worth the effort. This update helps improve the simulation for orbital mechanics and allows players to get a better understanding how our solar system works. Since this is a casual space game and isn’t meant for the hardcore sim, I decided to set the planetary orbital speed by half. This decision was made for a few reasons, but mostly to make planetary transfers easier. I may increase the speed to normal in the future once I add a trajectory planner in the coming months.

Besides planetary orbits, I have also added a bunch of requested features and quality of life improvements.  I hope everyone enjoys this update and please leave any feedback and recommendations to help me continue to improve the game.


  • Planetary orbits – planets now move around the Sun
  • Asteroids can now be landed on and explored
  • Added escape trajectory
  • Added Astronaut trajectory
  • Mobile now has touch throttle option
  • Mobile now has the ability to drag and drop from assembly panel
  • Hover over module buttons highlights module
  • Hover over stage button highlights stage
  • Improved automatic docking
  • Warp now has a .5 speed option
  • Warp now locks camera rotation
  • Save Game now saves assembly
  • Quick Save has its own separate save
  • Fuel transfer shows fuel tank names
  • Rebalance of all engines
  • Improved docking mechanic to be more reliable – Note undocking crafts from previous saves may not work as I had to change some of the backend mechanics.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Tutorial Typos
  • Fixed science achievements not activating
  • Fix key bindings not saving
  • Fixed Venus Rocks visibility
  • Fixed assembly dock connection not appearing
  • Fixed large icon when docking zooned out
  • Fixed Incorrect Power Gen stat
  • Fixed reused parachute activation
  • Fixed Reverse RCS on secondary capsule